Cell Tweet Cushion
سيل ٽوئيٽ ڪشن توهان لاءِ آڻي رهيو آهي سيل ٽوئيٽ ڪشن. چمڙي کي قدرتي گلابي چمڪ فراهم ڪرڻ لاءِ ٺهيل هڪ چمڪندڙ کشن. پراڊڪٽ جو نالو: Celltweet Sunshine CushionSpecifications: 25 gRSC-Exosome: 100 ppm تفصيل: SPF50+ PA++++ هڪ چمڪندڙ کشن جيڪو قدرتي گلابي مهيا ڪرڻ لاءِ ٺهيل آهي...
ويتامين سي سيرم
VITAMIN C SERUM وٽامن سي سيرم هڪ مشهور چمڙي جي سنڀال واري پراڊڪٽ آهي جيڪا چمڙي جي رنگ کي روشن ۽ سطح ڪرڻ جي صلاحيت جي ڪري مشهور آهي، ڪوليجن جي پيداوار کي تيز ڪرڻ، ۽ جھرڻ ۽ فائن لائنن جي نمائش کي گھٽائڻ. اهو هڪ طاقتور antioxidant آهي ...
100٪ خالص ارڙي جو تيل (پلڪ)
100% PURE CASTOR OIL (Eyelash) اسان جي پريميئر 100% PURE CASTOR OIL (Eyelash) سان ڊگھو، ڀرپور پلڙن ۽ بروز جو تجربو ڪريو. اسان جو ٿڌو دٻايو، هيڪسين فري فارمولا ضروري اجزاء سان ڀريل آهي. فٽٽي ايسڊس: اهي گہرا غذا فراهم ڪن ٿا، مضبوط ڪرڻ ۽ فروغ ڏيڻ ۾ مدد ڪن ٿيون ...
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ريجوران ٽون اپ ماسڪ
Rejuran Tone-Up Mask Introducing Rejuran Tone-Up Mask. Calming Sheet Mask for Radiant, Youthful Skin. Experience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation with this Tone-Up Mask. This calming sheet mask is designed to adhere comfortably to your skin, delivering a rich essence that...
Rejuran بحالي ڪريم
Rejuran Recovery Cream Introducing Rejuran Recovery Cream. Ultimate Hydration and Protection for Your Skin. This cream is meticulously formulated to provide your skin with intense hydration and robust protection against harmful external and internal factors. This advanced recovery cream contains...
گاڏو کي شامل ڪريو
Glutanex گلو ويتا جو مجموعو
Glutanex Glow Vita Collection Introducing Glutanex Glow Vita Collection: Illuminate Your Beauty. Discover the ultimate skincare experience with the Glutanex Glow Vita Collection, a comprehensive range designed to enhance your natural glow and rejuvenate your skin. This collection harnesses the power...
گاڏو کي شامل ڪريو
AHA BHA LHA فومنگ صاف ڪندڙ
AHA BHA LHA فومنگ ڪلينزر متعارف ڪرايو ويو AHA BHA LHA فومنگ ڪلينسر 100ml/3.36 fl. اوز. نرم، اڃان طاقتور صفائي. اسان جي فومنگ ڪلينزر سان پنھنجي روزاني چمڙي جي سنڀال جي معمول کي تبديل ڪريو. هي جديد صاف ڪندڙ هڪ جيل وانگر شروع ٿئي ٿو ۽ مائڪرو فائن فومز ۾ تبديل ٿئي ٿو جيڪي داخل ٿين ٿا ...
گاڏو کي شامل ڪريو
AHA BHA LHA Exfoliating ۽ پور جي صفائي
AHA BHA LHA Exfoliating & Pore Cleasing introducing AHA BHA LHA Exfoliating & Pore Cleansing Toner and Toner Pads. ٽونر: هي ٽونر پيش ڪري ٿو نرم پر اثرائتي exfoliation ۽ سوراخ صاف ڪرڻ. AHA، BHA، LHA، چانهه جو وڻ ڪڍڻ، ۽ سليسيلڪ سان ٺهيل ...
گاڏو کي شامل ڪريو
Glutanex CICA ڪريم
Glutanex CICA Cream Glutanex Cica Cream is designed to help repair skin damage, making it essential for use after treatments. Applying this soothing cream, enriched with healing ingredients, aids in scar prevention. Perfect for treating scars, post-acne spots, or for...
Glutanex پوسٽ ليزر مرمت ڪريم
Glutanex Post Laser Repair Cream Glutanex Post Laser Repair Cream is specifically designed to repair and soothe damaged skin, making it the perfect solution for post-treatment care. This cream rapidly regenerates laser-damaged skin and assists in the healing of scars...
Glutanex هٿ صاف ڪرڻ وارو جيل
Glutanex Hand Sanitizer Gel Introducing Glutanex Hand Sanitizer Gel. Experience the ultimate in hand hygiene with Glutanex Hand Sanitizer Gel. Designed for those who prioritize cleanliness and skin health, this premium hand sanitizer offers a powerful and effective solution to keep...
Glutanex Aqua Booster
Glutanex Aqua Booster Introducing Glutanex Aqua Booster, a lightening and moisturizing cream infused with Glutathione to protect your skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. This innovative formula helps restore your skin's natural texture and tone, gradually reducing melanin...
گلوٽينڪس گلو تھراپي امپول
Glutanex Glow Therapy Ampoule Introducing Glutanex Glow Therapy Ampoule, a professional-grade formula designed for home use. Renew, rejuvenate, and repair your skin with every application of Glow Therapy Ampoule, revealing a radiant and youthful complexion. Experience the transformative effects of...
گلوٽينڪس لپ گلو بام
Glutanex Lip Glow Balm Discover Glutanex Lip Glow Balm, your gateway to enhancing the natural allure of your lips with a perfect blend of moisture and vitality. + Infused with Glutathione, Shea Butter, and Sal Seed Butter for optimal lip...
Glutanex UV گلو بام
Glutanex UV Glow Balm Introducing Glutanex UV Glow Balm. Your essential partner for achieving radiant skin while shielding it from the sun’s harmful rays. Embrace effortlessly glowing and protected skin. + Suitable for all skin tones+ Matte Glow Finish+ Enhances...
Glutanex Deo گلو بام
Glutanex Deo Glow Balm Introducing Glutanex Deo Glow Balm, your ultimate solution for achieving radiant, glowing skin that lasts all day. This powerful balm not only provides effective odor protection but also deeply nourishes and brightens your skin. Say goodbye...
گلوٽينڪس گلو بام
Glutanex Glow Balm Glutanex Glow Balm is indispensable in skincare due to its highly concentrated glutathione, a vital supplement in their exceptional skincare range. Glutathione, the primary ingredient, is renowned for promoting healthy, flawless, lighter, and radiant skin from within....
ريٽينول آئي ڪريم Glutathione
Retinol Eye Cream Glutathione Retinol Eye Cream Glutathione effectively reduces dark circles, diminishes signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, promoting healthier and more youthful skin. Active Ingredients:- Retinol 0.1%- Glutathione- Neurolight.61g- Leontopodium Alpinum Callus...
گلوٽينڪس سن اسٽڪ
Glutanex Sunstick Glutanex Sunstick offers superior sun protection with an SPF 50+ formulation. Ideal for all skin types, including darker skin tones, this sunblock is designed for convenient application and easy portability. It effectively shields your skin upon application, providing...
Aquanex Introducing Aquanex, an advanced dermal filler and skin booster designed to instantly hydrate and enhance skin quality. Formulated with 25 mg of hyaluronic acid per 2.5 mL, Aquanex features a smooth, non-animal-derived, stabilized, and bio-resorbable substance well-accepted by the...
Glutanex انشاور جسماني ڪريم
Glutanex Inshower Body Cream Discover Glutanex Inshower Body Cream, your ticket to immediate skin brightening and intense hydration, complete with a delightful English Pear and freesia fragrance. Transform your skin with Glutanex In-Shower Body Cream right from your next shower....
Glutanex Glow Mesotherapy لاءِ
Glutanex Glow For Mesotherapy Glutanex Glow For Mesotherapy offers a professional-grade solution for instant brightening, tonal correction, pore tightening, and skin regeneration. Infused with Glutathione and PDRN, it promotes a radiant glow from deep within the skin layers. Part of...
Glutanex صابن
Glutanex Soap Glutanex Soap is an all-purpose cleansing solution for the face, hands, and body. This luxurious foaming wash bar features brightening glutathione, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and nourishing natural coconut extracts. Its premium formula is non-drying and composed of non-toxic...
Glutanex Glutathione رات جو سيرم
Glutanex Glutathione Night Serum Experience radiant skin overnight with Glutanex Glutathione Night Serum. Originating from Korea, this serum is meticulously formulated to deliver essential nutrients while you sleep, ensuring your skin wakes up refreshed and revitalized. Product Description:This Serum enriches...